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Welcome to Rampage Bumpers by Rampage Manufacturing

Proudly made in the USA  bringing you the best product possible. 

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7-12-19   Rampage Bumpers and Rampage Manufacturing's websites get a face lift

4-1-19   Rampage Bumpers officially launches the predator series

12-28-18  Brand new look for our air vents


-Introducing the Predator Series-

      We took the best looking bumper around, stepped it up and knocked it out of the park with the all new Predator Series by Rampage Bumpers.   You get the same construction as our other bumpers with addition of Billet aluminum light bezels and vent covers. 


      You want to make a statement with your pride and joy?   Start here with the Predator series,  The baddest bumpers on the planet.  


Introduction to Our Bumpers

Rampage Bumpers are the first choice for superior looks, superior strength and superior protection for your investment and more importantly for you and your family.   We have been battle proven over the years with countless animal strikes and accidents and our bumpers have mostly risen unscathed out of the dust.    We take zero shortcuts,  making sure that everything we build is the best, at everything.

  • 100% CAD designed with newer models designed straight from factory Cad data.  This means we get it right every time

  • Newly acquired 3d scanning technology lets us design early model vehicle bumpers just as accurately as the newer vehicles.  Again, we get it right, every time.

  • CNC waterjet cut for absolute precision.  Our bumpers go together perfectly, every time.

  • 3/16" thick steel shell and 1/4" thick steel mounting brackets,  we don't do light duty like some other manufacturers.   We take this seriously because you take this seriously. 

  • Fully boxed winch mounting area and full end to end C shape gives our bumpers the ultimate strength.     We don't shortcut and we made sure that we give you what you deserve for a quality product that has the strength of a Titan,  why settle for less?

  • Fully sandblasted prior to powdercoating,  we don't believe in the whole pickled and descaled raw material points that other manufacturers try to make seem important (because they don't sandblast their products).    We blast everything to ensure adhesion of our powder coating. 












Bumper choices 

All of our 3/4, and 1 ton bumpers are available in the following configurations.  

  • Full size winch bumper, built to take a Warn 16.5 ti winch with no hassle. (other winches most likely will require solenoid pack to be remote located during installation

  • Slim non winch bumper.  The face averages 3 inches closer to the front of the truck giving you a close to factory protrusion while still giving you the same muscle as our full size winch bumpers.

  • Predator series.   the ultimate showing of strength and deadly good looks.   Available in only a slim non winch,  comes standard with two tone powder coat,  4 light ports, receiver, bull bar and billet trim panels and vent covers.  


-Pricing and options-

  • Base front winch or non winch bumper $1775.00 (black textured powder coat).

  • Rear bumper (available for most models) $1050.00 Predator series, starting at $2999.00 for front and $1600.00 for rear

  • Winch bumper full grille/headlight guards $425.00

  • Bull Bar $190.00

  • 1 pair of square light ports $110.00

  • 2nd pair of square light ports $85.00

  • Receiver hitch (winch bumper) $80.00

  • Receiver hitch (non winch bumper) $100.00

  • Add center light bar cutout and bezel (eliminates winch mounting provision) $175.00

  • Rear bumper frenched flush mount light ports (Rigid SRQ-F) $160.00


About us

     Rampage Bumpers was established in 2011 to build a better bumper, both in style and construction.   We felt we could do better than what was offered at the time.    Fast forward to today,  Our bumpers have gone through four major design changes and we have just launched the Predator series, combining our skills in CNC machining with our master fabrication abilities. 


       We know how to bring the best to the table to give our customers the Strength, Class and Protection they deserve.    Browse through our website and see for yourself the difference that is Rampage Bumpers.  


Contact us

2795 Anderson Ave, Ste 30

Klamath Falls, Or 97603

Tel: 541-887-2887



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